At Moroccan Selection we are dedicated to the beauty and wellness of our customers. Our Hammam & cosmetics line is based upon ancient beauty treatments handed down over the centuries from Moroccan women to their daughters.

My native Country Morocco is well known for the art of the Hammam and Oriental beauty treatments. This is a family owned and women managed business with operations in Morocco and the United States. . We created this business after many discussions with friends, colleagues, family and others all of whom have one thing in common. We are all looking for products of superior quality that are safe to use, safe for the environment and even provide social benefits. Moroccan Selection with its focus on Argan Oil production is able to do all this and more.

By supporting Moroccan selection, you are helping empower women, protecting the Argan forest, while preserving your wellness.

We hope you enjoy Our Moroccan Selection.


Proceeds from the sale of pure Argan Oil, purchased directly from Morocco, provides healthcare and continuing education to these women’s cooperatives and their families


Dear friends,
Your key to a healthy Skin is: Treat, Moisturize & Protect.
All with one multi-tasking Beauty Marvel: The Argan OIl. Rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E, this 100% pure natural wonder has unparalleled hydrating and nourishing properties.